Display the name of the currently selected EQ Set

Ever since I started using the EQ feature I’ve needed Roon to tell me which EQ settings are presently in use. Please add that! It’s at least necessary to help evaluate which set of eq settings I like more. Opening the drop down list of frequency bands in use–available on the eq page–isn’t sufficient when one is comparing sets of eqs that vary only slightly and cannot be discerned by a quick glance at the drop-down list.

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Save a preset. This is displayed.

Also has the advantage of including other settings you may chosen, such as crossfeed for headphones, upsampling, DSD to PCM conversion, and using parametric EQ as tone controls in combination with convolution-based room correction.

@AndersVinbert, thanks for the suggestion. It doesn’t work, though. The goal is to be able to compare eq sets without having to hold the one you last selected in your memory. Let’s play out your solution. I pick the preset “SoundsPrettyGood,” which picks the eq set named “SoundsPrettyGood.” I decide I want to compare “SoundsPrettyGood+2db100-120hz.” Then, I compare a couple more. At some point I forget which of the 2, 3, or 4 different eq sets I last selected. I can see my reference selection–a help, to be sure–which is the preset name I selected to get the whole show started, but I can’t see the eq set I last selected. Why have this issue at all!? It’s a silly thing to omit, the name of the selected eq set. Simply display it and the problem goes away. (OK, so maybe I don’t have the best short term memory. ;)) Or, am I missing something?

I see your point while trying them out.
I was thinking of the everyday situation, where you have Living room - rock, Living room - acoustic blues, Headphones…

As the Roon team has described it, the EQ set is just a setting that you make, it’s not a persistent thing, it may have been modified it. In your case, if you have loaded a room correction convolution filter called Music Room and then added a parametric EQ that raises lifts bass by 1.5 dB below 100 Hz and drops treble by 1 dB above 10 kHz (this happens to be what I have at the moment), what would Roon call that? It isn’t Music Room anymore. So I can give that combination the Preset name “Music Room + house curve 2”.