Display with XL Shareport/Librespot/Squeeze/

Hi @spockfish,
am enjoying Ropieee XL very much with 3 systems where one is running with the 7inch display.
All works perfect!!

I mainly use Roon (Tidal) but sometimes I use Spotify/Librespot
Especially my wife enjoys it, because she is used to Spotify.

The display still shows the Roon selection then.
I know it is difficult/impossible for you to show the selected title from Spotify but would it be possible that you show a configurable text “Spotify” instead?
A picture (jpg…copied into a folder on the Pi) would be even better.
If this works for all alternative inputs you always know which input is currently being used.

thanks for the great work and have a nice weekend
best regards from Germany/Aachen

Ups, just note there is a “feature request” topic.
Maybe you move my question if it is wrong here?

Feature Request is for Roon. This is probably the correct place for your post.

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Hi Harry @spockfish
am not sure if you had seen my earlier post.
Do you think the implementation of the display-text in Ropieee XL is possible to inform if another source than Roon is selected?
thanks a lot.

It’s possible, it’s just a lot of work :wink:

Thanks for your quick reply.
but it’s a good idea, right? :wink:
have a great weekend.

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