Displaying Album Covers

Hello Everyone,

So I followed this little project. I love music, but I love Album Cover also.

Works like a charm


Hi! Are you saying you got this to work with Roon? If so, may I ask how? Also wondering if I could somehow get this to display on a larger monitor.

Yes, but only if I use Airplay. If I use Sonos Direct unfortunately. So I am loosing some sound quality.

Maybe someone smart can use Roon API ( is there a Roon API ? ) and write something.

I am sure you can use a bigger screen.

Looks like a lovely display - I think I’ll have to get one and have a play - I wonder if a Pi Zero would do the job? That could make a very neat album cover only display!

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I don’t have a Pi Zero , so I can’t say. But displaying a cover it’s not that hard. Maybe loading the cover to the display would take longer. Check the comment section in the Link I shared.

Thanks… I’ve ordered a display and will have to start working out what to do next!
I’m hoping it might be possible to extract and display the album art only from the Roon web display.


If you find a solution please let us know here.


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