Displaying artwork for individual albums in a boxed set?

I’m just wondering if there is any way to display alternate artwork for individual albums within a boxed set? Perhaps this is a feature request then. I have many multi cd sets which, obviously have one cover image overall. Often there are separate (perhaps original) covers which would be great to display as one selects that cd from the set. I prefer not to separate the entire set (and my attempts to do so just to experiment seem very much more difficult than merging albums into a set, which is a breeze), yet still have the individual disc artwork display.

I don’t see an obvious topic to merge this to. Pardon if I’ve missed one.



No problem. This has been discussed quite a bit, and is absolutely something we’re aware of, and looking forward to improving in the future.

We know that in some cases, each disc in a box set needs to have its own metadata (including cover art, release date, credits, etc), distinct from that of the overarching set. When we build out this functionality, we’ll handle these cases in a truly first class way, but be aware this requires some pretty wide-ranging changes if we’re going to get this right.

We have a couple of ideas kicking around internally for what this might look like, but I don’t have a time frame for when that work might start. Additional options for adding and organizing multiple pieces of cover art within an album are coming soon and should help here, but changing the current definition of “discs” is a more long range project.

Hope that helps!


Any updates as to plans to implement this.

The issue of individual CD cover art for box sets is a big deal for classical collectors.

This functionality is available in JRiver, so surely, it can do done!!

Following up on this topic, if the original box set is located in iTunes folder and each album has its own artwork associated with the album, is there a way to tell Roon to use iTunes artwork, rather than replace the artwork with Roon artwork?

Has there been any progress on the ability to assign individual artwork to discs in a box set?

Gee, this seems to be taking forever. Even my bluesound node can do this, as well as JRiver.

Any update as to when we might see this functionality?


I’d love it too.

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Any progress on this?

That would be quite a thrill to have Roon change the way they handle boxsets. Bravo?

Over 4 years since my initial request in this thread. Still nothing. Sad!!

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Still not fixed? I have a box set with the cover art embedded in the files. Still does not display properly when played in Roon (in the Mac Music app however, it works fine).

Just bought the Dire Straits Live Box and imported it to Roon. All metadata are correct, but when I try to separate the 8 discs to the 5 original albums, what a mess!!! I have to add metadata individually to each album. Is there an easier way to do this? I would like to preserve the metadata, just want to separate the discs to individual albums, how hard should that be? Does Roon really not have that function? - or do anyone have an idea of what to do?


Perhaps the trick I’ve been using for a long time will be useful for you.

If I have other versions of the disks from the box-set, I treat this box as one multi-disc set. If I don’t have other versions in my library, I tag each disk in box as a separate disk with its own cover, title, release year, etc. and give it specific RoonAlbum tag as"Artist: Name of box set", e.g. “Mahavishnu Orchestra: Original Album classics”.

After these albums are added to the library, I add them to the “Box Set” tag. So I have them appear as separate albums in the albums section, and as one box-set in the tag view.

If Roon added an ability to assign custom images to tags, that would completely close the box-set problem for me.

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I too wish Roon would allow assigning custom images to tags. That would be a big plus regarding box sets.

When Harman acquired Roon Box Sets were one of the areas singled out for immediate development along with folder browsing.

Roon will never release time scales but watch this space

When i get near a keyboard i will comment on your specific issue later

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The box set you refer to seems to have extra tracks etc , Roon will only ID an album when the track count and durations are the same as a reference album in it’s metadata source.

Box Sets have been an issue for many years and hopefully will be addressed soon , the alternate method of using a Tag will work , also Roon supports ROONALBUMTAG as a tag set external to Roon , if you set that tag to say Dire Straits Live , Roon will create that tag and add all albums with that tag set to it’s Roon Tag (DON’T GET flac tags and Roon Tags mixed up. So a Roon Tag collection of albums can be made to look like a box set , bit messy and manual.

I understand that Roon are going to fix Box Sets properly as they did folder browsing so “hold thumbs” as they say it may be sooner than we think …

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Thanks a lot @Mike_O_Neill I hold my thumbs, but until it’s done in a proper way, I’ll do what you suggest.

Besides that, because of the extra tracks on some of the cd’s in the boxset and your explanation, it makes sense, why I haven’t had this big problem before. Recently also bought a Stevie Nicks boxset with all her studioalbums, riped them and they all came out as wanted, as individual albums. But here were no extra tracks, all extra tracks were gathered in a double cd-set, whitch then had the boxset title :slight_smile:

Thanks @Dmitry_Farmakovskiy, I’ll try that and see how it works out for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Some boxes are literally collections of previously released albums so that technique works.

Many are back catalogue especially classical, where the base disc is an LP maybe 45 mins then “packed” to 70 mins with other tracks to make a bargain hence no longer the original LP/CD and Roon flounders. Often the base LP has already been released as a 45 min CD . It’s a mess caused by greedy recording labels :joy:

This would definitely be my most wanted feature