Displaying artwork for individual albums in a boxed set?

I’m just wondering if there is any way to display alternate artwork for individual albums within a boxed set? Perhaps this is a feature request then. I have many multi cd sets which, obviously have one cover image overall. Often there are separate (perhaps original) covers which would be great to display as one selects that cd from the set. I prefer not to separate the entire set (and my attempts to do so just to experiment seem very much more difficult than merging albums into a set, which is a breeze), yet still have the individual disc artwork display.

I don’t see an obvious topic to merge this to. Pardon if I’ve missed one.


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No problem. This has been discussed quite a bit, and is absolutely something we’re aware of, and looking forward to improving in the future.

We know that in some cases, each disc in a box set needs to have its own metadata (including cover art, release date, credits, etc), distinct from that of the overarching set. When we build out this functionality, we’ll handle these cases in a truly first class way, but be aware this requires some pretty wide-ranging changes if we’re going to get this right.

We have a couple of ideas kicking around internally for what this might look like, but I don’t have a time frame for when that work might start. Additional options for adding and organizing multiple pieces of cover art within an album are coming soon and should help here, but changing the current definition of “discs” is a more long range project.

Hope that helps!

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Any updates as to plans to implement this.

The issue of individual CD cover art for box sets is a big deal for classical collectors.

This functionality is available in JRiver, so surely, it can do done!!

Following up on this topic, if the original box set is located in iTunes folder and each album has its own artwork associated with the album, is there a way to tell Roon to use iTunes artwork, rather than replace the artwork with Roon artwork?

Has there been any progress on the ability to assign individual artwork to discs in a box set?

Gee, this seems to be taking forever. Even my bluesound node can do this, as well as JRiver.

Any update as to when we might see this functionality?


I’d love it too.

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Any progress on this?