Displaying 'decades' screen?

HI Everyone.

I am enjoying exploring 1.8. One thing I can’t figure out, how do you get a screen display that shows the decades of your library? This was one of the views in the emails that came out last week.



Allan: load an Artist page who has a long track record (i.e. Bowie).

Use Overview tab and scroll down to red banner


p.s. not sure what the number of decades is the cut-off.

If you mean in focus, look under release year and pick More.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I still can’t seem to find the following:

I looked under Eric Clapton for instance and scrolled all the way down looking for the red banner suggested but that only offered Clapton music played by others.

Thanks again for your suggestions

A quick update. I did try David Bowie as an example and I found the screen with the 'In their prime. However, if I then select Eric Clapton ( equally long career ) the red banner to view his career by years does not show.

I can’t find the In Their Prime section at all.

@Woo From what I can tell, it is very selective based on artist career but seems a little inconsistent. For instance if I pick Dire Straits then scroll down I see a red banner ‘In their prime’ which shows discography by year. If I pick Eric Clapton for instance, I don’t see that. Maybe out of 10 artists I tried 50-60% worked.

I tried The Beatles and it’s not there as far as I can see, yet I’ve seen The Beatles ‘In Their Prime’ in the 1.8 publicity shots. Maybe it’s hidden somewhere?

I think you need to have a streaming service enabled…probably something of an oversight and I hope they fix this too.


I’m guessing here, but it appears that the banner sections of the Home page are the new Discover suggestions served up by Valence engine. In previous versions, Discover suggestions were random and changed to provide something new each time. So maybe “In their Prime” displays (and the other suggestions) on a random basis too.

You need to be connected to Tidal and/or Qobuz to see these specific tiles.

If you have a streaming service connected, it’s not there (yet?) for all big artists, maybe it is curated and more are added over time.

I hope Roon enables it also for users with “only” local libraries.

I’m signed in to Tidal as you suggest, but all my albums have vanished in Roon and are also missing when I go to Tidal directly.

That sounds not good. Try to log out and log in to Tidal again.
If the problem persists, you should contact Roon support directly.

When I press Settings > Services > TIDAL it shows that it’s currently syncing library. However, when I go into Tidal itself via Roon, it says my albums and artists unavailable. But when I use the real Tidal app on my phone all my albums are there.