Displaying search results by file size or resolution


Is there anyway to add to the info that is displayed in the search results?

I have multiple versions of certain tracks, some 16/44.1, some higher res and it would be useful to readily distinguish one from the other when searching

Is that possible?


This may help “Show album format on browser” in the settings menu.

It doesn’t sadly


Thank you though

What screen(s) do wish to see format info displayed on?

I’m guessing it might be tracks and possibly playlists screen, as I think all the others have it.

I believe it works if you search for albums where you have multiple versions, but you are right, it doesn’t work searching for tracks.

Maybe a feature request.

Cheers, Greg

[quote=“Greg, post:5, topic:12997”]
Maybe a feature request.
[/quote]I think so too, I’ve moved the topic.

Thanks for the input guys