Dithering of lossy format to 24bit in build 334 stopped working?

I’m on build 1.5.334 on macos for both core and remote, and I’m fairly sure I saw an extra step in signal path for converting MP3 floating point to 24bit in the signal path a few days back. What happened here?


Did you turn off volume leveling or some other feature that uses the DSP?

I suspect the difference is that I used a different output not supporting 32bit, only 24bit. But isn’t lossy format’s always outputting 24bit now in latest build ?

I never use DSP :smiley:

I have verified now; if DAC supports 32bit input; there is no conversion of MP3 it seems. But it the lossy stream then in 16, 24 or 32bit output. I’m fairly sure I’ve read that lossy format was previously outputted in 16bit, but now in 24bit. Why can we not see this in the output path ?

Hello @Tor_Gunnar_Berland,

Here is a post from one of our engineers explaining our approach to lossy decoding


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@john; thank you for the information.

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