DIY roon bridge ...with fiber network connection and usb output to DAC

looking to build a roon bridge that has a fiber ethernet network connection and a USB output that would go directly into a DAC.

anyone ever done this or have any thoughts on how best to spec this out?

basically, this is a diy opticalRendu

I’m not familiar with fiber ethernet. Does that require any special input? Otherwise, a Raspberry Pi 4 in a FLIRC case is ethernet in and USB out. It can be assembled $74 using parts purchased on Amazon.

thanks for the rPi information… this is basically what i am looking to build but with a fiber ethernet network connection.

fiber ethernet requires an SFP (small formfactor plug-able) input which is different than the standard rj45 input for copper ethernet. there are PCIe cards for SFP but i was hoping there is a more “compact” solution… perhaps a rPi HAT or something like that?

I seem to recall a pi hat that had SFP but I think it was rather expensive and not sure it would buy anything better than using something like an FMC module with a decent powersupply for both pi and fmc

I use this into a RPi with no issues but you need one that supports the rpi Ethernet speed… uses a fixed 100mb Ethernet setting I think so have set my dip switches accordingly

You’re going to need a bigger box!
M-ATX with at least 2 PCI-e slots. One for a fibre nic, the other for an audiophile usb card.

There is some great info in this thread:

if you can create a setup without converters, i.e. an endpoint with sfp+ input and a sfp+ switch, that’s best. otherwise you’re looking at more boxes and power supply’s. I don’t see improvements in adding more boxes and PSU’s only more clutter.

that said im really interested in an sfp+ hat.

I use the Toslink output of a HiFIBerry Digi+ Pro HAT. The Pro HAT is galvanically isolated, FWIW,

The res is only 192/24, but that should be enough for many people.
Anyway, my DAC upsamples to 702/768.

Not the fiber connection you’re asking about, but an alternative way.

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