DJ Sasha : disambiguation with (pop singer) Sasha required

A mixture of correct / incorrect information :-

DJ Sasha (born Alexander Paul Coe, in Wales) , seems to have become confused with the German pop-singer Sasha

Granted, a very simple mistake to make - little distinction between the two (names) - but slightly unnerving if you expect one & get the other ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks @rolski – I just put this in our system as a bug, and we’ll follow up when we get this fixed.

So many Sashas! :frowning: (there’s a third Sasha too, a mexican singer)

Guys, this is still a problem.

DJ Sasha’s discography is still including albums from several other Sashas- Sasha Dragaš, Sasha Alexander and Sasha Colette.

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Hi @kwangomango,

Can you please fill out the metadata report I’ve added to your post so we have more detail? If you could also disambiguate which album titles belong to DJ Sasha we’ll notify the metadata providers and streaming services. Thanks!

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