Dlna still disappearing after a few hours of playing

Hm, I cheered too early again. So, after a few hours of playing the same thing happened. Music stops , dlna/ropieee disappears from the output list in AS.

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 883a113cc7341ac2

There is a very cryptic message about ‘decoder is too slow’ in the logs.

Can you try if it is related to type of content?

Hm, I was playing from a Tidal playlist. Most of the files mqa. Decoding takes place in the dac. The only thing was AS in the background performing some dubious tasks. I wouldn’t know what else could be affecting it.
Could it be upsampling? (Non mqa is upsampled). But that worked in the past with the earlier version of Audirvana without a problem.
I wouldn’t know where to look.

What I meant is what will happen when you switch to ‘ordinary’ content as soon as it happens?

right now you reboot the unit, but it would be interesting to just switch to some 44.1k content for example to see if it makes a difference.

Yeah, but it is impossible to play anything because dlna disappeared. The only thing that shows up is the internal apple speaker of the mbp. I need to reboot en restart audirvana to let it show up again.
Btw ropieee disappears from roon as well.
Again, the only way to play music is reboot

After a few days of reasonably normal behaviour audirvana makes ropieee crash and loose connection. It seems to happen when playing Tidal mqa albums. That’s what seems to be happening. Here’s the link to the feedback.
Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 633ca073b579241d

yeah the player is not capable of handling mqa.

Huh? You mean Audirvana? That seems strange. Version 3.5 played without a problem

I meant the UPnP client.

If you’re up to it you could try the beta channel. I’ve got 0 experience with Audirvana (and it’s known for a troublesome relationship with UPnP), but I’ve upgraded the UPnP stuff in the beta channel.

It is the beta channel: there are risks involved :wink:

But if doesn’t work I can get back to the regular version?

No you need to reflash in that case.

O, ok. I’ll stick with Roon then. Thanks