DNS servers in resolv.conf


my /etc/resolv.conf now looks like this:


I’ve got a properly working DNS proxy on my firewall (a Palo Alto) and would prefer this to be on top of the list rather than bottom. My DNS proxy is configured to ask OpenDNS for lookup outside my home network for security. Not that the Google servers are lacking in secuity, but…
Is it in any way possible to insert the DHCP received DNS (if any) on top here? I know this is ‘risky business’. A faulty config on the DHCP server could create trouble. Maybe an option in settings where default (no touch) is the current config?

EDIT: ping Harry directly in case this one escaped his attention…


Reading your story it’s obviously clear you know your way around a Linux system and networking stuff like this. But exposing a setting like this… I’m not sure. I am sure that not many people will use it however :wink:

Not sure what to do with this. Because it’s certainly not my intention to expose everything you can configure on a Linux system as it defeats the purpose of course. In that case it makes more sense to just install a distro manually and ‘go wild’ :wink:


No problem Harry. I’ve sorted it my own way, no need to change anything in the distro :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha! Expected something like this :wink: