Do different servers, using RAAT over Wi-Fi, sound different?

I am running my Chord Poly as a wireless Roon endpoint. Should different computers as roon server, sound different?

No, Roon will send bit-perfect PCM (or DoP) to the Poly/ Mojo and this is all done via WiFi.

Only if you expect them to.

does the strength of Wi-Fi signal matter?

If I do uPnP stream using Audirvana to Poly, I hear occasional clicks and pops. Why? That’s also bit-perfect, right?

I cannot answer a question regarding uPnP and Audiravana since I don’t use them with my Poly.

However, I have used the Poly with Roon and either MPD or uPnP when away from home without any problems. When using Roon I set up the Poly to use my home WiFi. When using MPD or uPnP the Poly is usually in hotspot mode.

I’ve successfully used Glider, Rigelian and mconnect with the Poly.

If your WiFi is poor you’ll get a dropout and Roon will pause playback if this keeps occurring.

I didn’t know MPD, is it like AirPlay for non-Apple devices?

No, MPD is music player daemon and is used for playing music from the Poly’s SD card. UPnP is only useful when streaming from TIDAL although it’s clunky. The best experience by far is Roon.

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