Do I need to install RoonServer on ROCK?

I m searching eagerly for this.

When ROCK is installed, its a OS (Just Like Windows/Mac OS) and we also need to install ROON like we did in the past correct ? (yes, assumed previous ROON installation will removed/disabled.) Or ROON need not be installed and ROCK itself is good enough, and all we need to do is puch-in our login membership ?

No need to install RoonServer – ROCK comes with it installed. All you do is point a remote to it and enter your Roon account information.

If you need to transfer a license, you can just unauthorize your previous license from the remote once you’ve logged in.

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Perfect!. Thank you!

I am using roon NUC ROCK connected via USB directly to my DAC (Kii Three Control with XMOS). My control is the previous Windows 10 PC with full roon install. I had been using a mRendu as end point on the Windows PC and then on the NUC ROCK. I found out I can remove the mRendu and still have roon play directly from the NUC. This surprised me because I thought I needed a roon end point. Please comment on this.
Also, do I need to make any changes to the Windows PC if I am only using the roon apt for control and not the full version?

Roon supports mostly all USB DACs natively via a locally connected version of RAAT.

I don’t know what changes you speak about, but if your USB DAC is not plugged into Windows, changes to Windows will not affect it.