Do router and ethernet cables affect sound quality?

They’re clever little cockroaches, they’ll find marketing terminology to invent and resolve flaws in no time and then there’ll be $5k switches for the really discerning audiophool.

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I taken on a whole community’s rage for expressing the bs that it is when it comes to networking and audiophilia. The whole thread has been fun. more fun has been the million dislikes I was able to acquire in less than a day.

There is a limit to some of the BS that we as audiophiles can buy on. Some I buy just because the wow and cool factor… nothing more or less.

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I join you. I think it is time to speak up and not just give up and leave the world to the “snake oilers”.

Ethernet worlds for years, worldwide in any industry. It is THE reliable transport for data. But when it comes to audiophile connectivity something is bad, you need special cables. A little bit funny, that no one else has these problems.


I’m sure it’s not about the bits…no arguments if it works it works…its the switching noise this kind of device exhibits that impacts on the environment and devices around and connected to it. Says he with 5 switches in one room plus an ER :slight_smile: (shoot me now - I was intrigued). I’m also a communications and networking specialist for over 40 years.

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No we don’t shoot you. You just must listen 5 hours of music you hate on a horrible HiFi system!

I agree, the problem is the electrical noise, which on may DACs is not filtered properly. But I think we should ignore these products and call them by Naim, sorry, name.I have also no problem if somebody uses filter tools in front of the DAC to improve these things, but again they exist for all other industries at a reasonable price. I only have a problem if somebody tries to sell me a criminal expensive pieces of whatever to fix a problem, which with clean design would not exist and invent a story around it.

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sadly most of the consumer level switches and routers too for that matter are built to such a low price point that emitted interference is not a priority to reduce, even the power supplies are cheap as chips MIC SMPS for a $ a pop.

Most home systems perhaps dont have the chops to pick up some of this noise, and people dont hear it also as the systems can’t produce it well enough to be a concern.

I’m suffering electrical noise now in the 5.333KHz region and trying to track it down but its seems to be riding the mains wiring as far as I have been able to tell.

Once you’ve located the source and resolved the issue the noise will be gone. Would a $1,000 Ethernet cable resolve the matter? Has this unwanted noise affected bass, soundstage and so on?

I use good cable, I don’t subscribe to the money no object cables for anything. I make most of my own power and audio cables…for Ethernet I buy from mostly now. Have some fibre also in the network. I can pick this noise up easily at the mains breaker and incoming power board so I’m pretty sure its riding the mains…question is - is it something injected from inside or outside the house.

This is a real-world example of noise interference. Unwanted noise within the range of human hearing can be audible but it doesn’t change the presentation of the recorded music … as you say elsewhere turn up the volume and it’s gone.

Did you already check with an oscilloscope where you can see the noise the first time in your environment?

I did but can really scope the mains with the gear I have and signals not his enough to resolve on the one scope I tried…my other scope is stored away right now. Today was a write-off as far as solving goes but maybe more time tmro.

Is it something that’s just recently started? Any new electronics in the house [Moderated]?


hahaha no been around for years, but I’ve taken to turning roon radio off so when the queue stops SWMBO can hear the eeeeeeeee so complaining :frowning: sigh but I still have to find it…anyways back to the topic in the subject…can post in my other thread on the 5333hz matter

Dont get me wrong. I am not trying to bash anybody who goes above and beyond to archive perfection with complex tools. If you have the means, by all means please do, this is our hobby and is what we spend our time on.

My point in the “other forum” was that there is nothing that the human ear can pickup beyond a hiss that can be mitigated quickly… Anything else in frequency and spectrum’s is beyond the human ears, Is ether a 1 or a 0, You wont find me spending 800 dollars on a “audiophile” fiber to ethernet converter. thats just silly.

Some things do make sense and others do help. Is just “some” things are just waaaay out there, specially when you understand the technology behind it.

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Just ignore it… Till later.

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That’s not going to go over any better than it did when you posted it here, but keep trying. :laughing:

BTW - Did you misspell ‘hear’ on purpose as a pun?

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Darko is one of those audiophiles who mistakenly believe that the word “believe” earlier in this sentence should have been “believes”… :joy:


Just phone auto spell…nothing more than that. Nothing to worry yourself over :wink:

So those of us who don’t put doorstoppers on our network players and amps etc. are “science deniers”? Very entertaining…