Do The Tidal Adverts Stop?


just started my 14 day trial of Roon, and whilst it is still indexing have had to dismiss the 2nd Tidal advert from the Remote interface… Do these go away or will I be forever asked to try Tidal when I have previously said ‘No Thanks’ twice? I was not expecting adverts to be part of the deal…

I never see a `Tidal advert in Roon.
If something is ‘Free’, you are the product a wise man once remarked. So I expect during a free trial, they will advertise like any other company.

IMO, it’s more of a friendly reminder for those new to Roon, but let’s not dwell in semantics here. :wink:

Starting fresh, Tidal is mentioned twice:

  • In the onboarding process, to allow people with accounts to log in from the get-go and to be able to select some Tidal Collections if desired;
  • On the overview page, where it can be dismissed with one click. You will only need to do this once – and you will never be bugged about Tidal again. If I am not mistaken, this setting is ‘per remote’.

OK thanks for the quick response. I should have seen the back of it by now then for this Remote. In response to ‘Chrislayeruk’, whilst I am using the 14 day free trial, I expect the software to behave exactly like the fully paid for item. Any other sort of behaviour is very unwise…

No other mentions of Tidal than the ones mentioned above. And yes – the trial is a carbon copy of the full, working version. If you would decide to join during or after your trial, your install will just keep on working without reinstall or modification.

Now – enjoy some music! :slight_smile: