Do we need an Apple Lightning Camera kit or USB converter kit now?

Just wondering, I bought a neat little short Meenova “Lightning-to-MicroUSB USB DAC OTG Cable for Chord Mojo” a little while ago. I presumed Apple had relaxed the requirement that only their own Camera Kit or USB Converter cable could get at nice pure digital out from an iPhone/iPad. I’ve been using it for a bit and Mojo seems to recognise it and the iphone doesn’t moan - all bit rates seem to be transferred correctly.

However, yesterday I wanted a quick comparison test of some new USB cables I had bought for the main system and decided to use my iPhone as the source as I was listening to the Mojo at the time. Anyways, I just plugged my old Apple USB converter cable in so I could swap these USB A to micro B cables in and out easily and immediately noticed a clear increase in sound quality. So… is the little Meenova not doing the same as the converters or is it simply the new cables are better (and well burned in after over 100 hours each on test!!) - or should I just get out more? :blush:

*Just bumped this in the Software category to see if anyone has any thoughts :blush: