Do you use the Roon Display feature? How is it working for you?

The Roon Display is one of the best features of Roon. However I find it quite buggy when it comes to artist pictures. For many tracks it displays a blurred artist picture or album art. For others it displays the artist from a previously played album/track. Is anybody else having these issues?

I don’t have those issues. But, my displays are all ethernet connected, even my TV. Try connecting the display via ethernet and see if you still have issues.

I see the same issues and I am connected via ethernet. Restarting the Display device and clearing the cache helps for a few hours. Seems like Roon Display is not good in cleaning up its data.

Could this depend on the device you are using for display? I use a Chromecast Ultra (with wired connection) connected to the TV and I have not noticed any issue.

My display is a Safari browser running in full screen single app (guided access) mode on an iPad. The iPad sits on side table right next to my listening chair, which is the middle of the room. I’d need to buy ethernet to lightning adapter and I’d need to run a ethernet cable across the room on the floor, so it’s not a practical solution. I find the iPad ideal because using my 55inch TV as a display is too big and distracting. I suspect you envisage most users to have a Chromecast ==> TV as a display setup :).

My mesh WiFi is rock solid and has not ever caused a single audio drop out on any Roon endpoint. The Roon Display should put such a minimal load on the network, I’d think it should work even under less than ideal WiFi speeds/latencies.

I use an ipad as a secondary screen to show others what’s playing while I’m running roon control on my laptop.

Dunno what guided access is (never used it) but I haven’t noticed any major issues with display feature. On the ipad I just fire off firefox or safari and put in the address and leave it at that.

My experience over a number of years with display is not connected to the display but to the core. If the core is not particularly powerful (i.e. a nuc) then I had display issues, symptoms would also include it just stop working, what ever was displayed stays there but nothing else.

This was back when I was settling on what server to use, so I went through an i5 motherboard, an intel nuc style mother board with soldered cpu, another type of one. All sorts I tried for experimentation, and various other larger servers. In all cases lower powered core was the issue.

Is it possible to design/customise the way things are displayed on Roon Display?

There is a thread on the forums that goes into details for making your own theme.
I think it is in the tinkering section

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By what means are you using Roon Display. Via a web browser or a Chromecast device?

I have never understood this feature!

I don’t use it because I use a mini pc as the endpoint and show the roon now playing display via hdmi to avr/tv.

I would use it if I had something like a wiim mini AND the display had an option to show album art instead of artist photo.