Does anybody have DSD working into the Stellar Gain Cell DAC?

I’m running the PS Audio SGCD from a Raspberry Pi endpoint via USB and it’s working very well. That thread about DSD had me curious to try DSD upsampling, though. I’m not getting any output (other than some low-level static) when I do that. I tried both DSD64 and DSD128 and both DoP and “initial dCS method.”

Does anybody have DSD working with the SGCD (or some other PS Audio DAC) and some ideas? It’s not super important but I’d like to try it…

You might try a different endpoint into the SGCD and isolate the issue to either the Pi or the DAC

Aha, thanks for the pointer! I figured out the problem by playing through my MacBook (with both Roon and JRiver): I had set a maximum volume of 76 (since the DAC is much louder than the analog inputs at 100) and never thought of touching that. Once that was set to 100 it was playing DSD just fine.

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