Does anybody use the Mac app Carbon Copy Cloner to back up their data files?

I have a large music library split between an internal SSD in my Nuceus+ and on an external drive connected to the Nucleus. I would like to back up the complete library regularly and have been unsuccessful using CCC. Has anyone successfully backed up their library using Carbon Copy Cloner?

Keep in mind is that Nucleus runs a Linux kernel. File paths in Linux are not fully compatible with macOS file paths. Mass copies between the two operating systems can have problems.

Thanks Fernando,

Do you have a suggestion how I should back up my library without using the Mac app apart from drag and drop?


I haven’t used my Mac to manage my Roon Core (Linux on a NUC, not Nucleus) backups in a while, but when I did, I was using ChronoSync, which in my long Mac experience is way more robust than any other Mac backup app. It is a complex program, but most of its defaults are good, and it provides very detailed logging and error recovery.

I downloaded a trial of ChronoSync a few months ago, but gave up as I found the learning curve too difficult, perhaps I should try again as I’ve got more time at home now :slight_smile:

What do you mean? It’s an SMB share.

Open a terminal window on the Mac, and use rsync. It’s extremely powerful, an industry standard, and built in for free. There are GUI’s available for rsync, but the command is no more complex than rsync -av <source> <destination>. Type the command, and drag drop in the source drive, hit space, and drag drop in the destination drive.

Never been able to do an exact copy between two SMB-mounted Linux file systems via macOS (long story why I ever tried). Typical problem is (sometimes invisible) Unicode code points in file or folder names, created by CD ripping apps, that get re-encoded going through.

Have been using CCC for some time for local files and is very good at what it does however it does not recommend backing up networked files for unreliability reasons. All my files are on my iMac which have been copied and pasted to the internal ssd on my Nucleus. So looking at it logically already have a backup but still backup my iMac files on two external drives. One ssd and one spinner. When not if the ssd in the Nucleus dies will have to copy and paste all files again but to be honest it does not take long to copy large Hi-Res files this way.

Thanks for the suggestion, the only place I have my complete library is split on the SSD inside the Nucleus and on an external drive connected to it. Which is why I’m keen on getting a backup soon.

Do you know if the Nucleus contains a copy of rsync? apparently the remote machine needs it to run.

No, but 1, you can’t run a shell on the Nucleus, its closed, and 2. you only need it to run on the client.

OK, cheers