Does anyone have the link to a recent Qobuz audiophile playlist from +/- 1 week ago?

I wish Qobuz wouldn’t remove these things so fast… There was an excellent audiophile playlist which I only played 1 song on Roon. I listened to several other songs on Qobuz through mobile and headphones but have no history on those.

The one song I know was was Madison Cunningham’s ‘Life according to Raechel’

I hope this is an appropriate question for here. The 4 or so songs I heard sounded great and want the rest.


I don’t, but maybe it helps for future playlists to save a local copy when you want to keep one. the local copy can even be edited and built upon:

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I’ve had a long-running Sync job on that appends my weekly Discovery playlist from Spotify into an ever-growing Discovery playlist on Tidal. I imagine you could do something similar with Qobuz if the playlist name stays the same over time, or as a one-off if there’s one you want to preserve.

Where do you find these “audiophile” playlists on Qobuz? I’m finally checking it out (realizing it’s stupid to pay both Spotify and Tidal when I’m actually unhappy with each of them).

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Search function

Qobuz publishes new playlists continually. Many of them are predictable, eg New Releases. But some are themed more specifically and new playlists aimed at the quality of the recordings doesn’t come around much. While I understand these lists need to move along, I don’t understand why Qobuz don’t offer a searchable retrievable record of there officially released playlists. I will using @Suedkiez recommendation from now on

Hi @Wessel_Dirksen She was in a playlist last week on Roon, but not with that song.

If you use the Qubuz webpage and search her name it will give you a list of songs, albums, etc that she appears on.

That song is on Fall Aesthetic Playlist. Hope this helps in your search…

Edit: Link I provided doesn’t work, but should be able to get to the playlist thru your Qobuz App.