Does ANYONE still listen to Staind?

Ok, this being my first ever created post I’ll talk about my favorite artist: Staind!

Now you might be asking yourself “What the hell is Staind?”

Simply, one kick-ass rock band! I mean they are just kick-ass amazing in terms of the music they make!

I mean look at this album cover

That is such a badass album cover!

Now, I’ll explain the albums in another post but the main question I have is does anyone still listen to this kickass rock band? Please comment (reply to this message) if you do listen to them or not below


Heck yes😇
At one stage my daughter had a Mike Mushok edition guitar…

Seen them live and got most of their output.
Recommended listening for those who are not familiar with Staind.

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I do but… It’s been a while :wink:


Couldn’t agree more

It’s been a while, the cycle is broken


Erschienen bei Elektra - Flip am 22. Mai 2001

Pop • 14 Tracks • 55m 10s

4 It’s Been Awhile (Explicit LP Version)

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Ah yes, who can forget “Break The Cycle” (I got hooked because my friend showed me a song from that album!) P.S: That song was “For You”

Also, doesn’t it sound like they got ■■■■■■ off here?

Ehhhh… Break the Cycle was really the only album of theirs I really got into. They’ve had some good tracks here and there before and after, but nothing really particularly fantastic as a singular body of work.

Also had an online run-in with the bassist who pulled the whole ‘well I’ve sold millions of records’ when I disagreed with him on a bass playing issue. Wasn’t impressed with that.

When was Tormented released?

November 29th, 1996

What genre or genres is tormented?

Tormented has been defined as Metal, Nu Metal, Alternative Metal/Rock, etc.

What would I say about “Tomented”?

It kicks ass, I swear the whole damn thing is just AMAZING!

What are my favorite songs from Tormented?

My favorite songs from Tormented are…

  • Nameless
  • Mudshovel
  • Tolerate
  • See Thru
  • No One’s Kind
  • Self Destruct
  • Four Walls

Yeah, I LOVE the album!

See linked article

When was Dysfunction released?
April 13, 1999

What genre or genres is Dysfunction?

Dysfunction has been defined as Nu Metal, Metal, Alternative Metal, etc.

What would I say about “Dysfunction”?

It’s good, (not as intense as the last album) but still pretty good!
What are my favorite songs from Dysfunction?

My favorite songs from Dysfunction are…

  • Raw
  • Suffocate
  • Spleen

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@sean_clayton1 You like the Dysfunction album too?

Yep. Mudshovel and Just Go are favourites.

When was Break the Cycle released?
May 8, 2001

What genre or genres is Break the Cycle?

Break the Cycle has been defined as Metal, Post-Grunge, Nu Metal, and Alternative metal/rock

What would I say about “Break the Cycle”?

This is just as good as Tormented! If you lisen it long enough, it kicks ass (just like Tormented)!

What are my favorite songs from Break the Cycle?

My favorite songs from Break the Cycle are…

  • Pressure
  • Outside
  • For you
  • Waste

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If this file doesn’t work, or gives you some kind of error, please reply to this topic or send me a PM, and let me know!

EDIT: The video is basically Staind’s song “Nameless” but the part where “I hate the way you f*cked with ME! YOU, can’t rely on open eyes to SEE! YOU, force these painful visions through my HEAD! YOU, won’t be happy til’ I breakdown!” but it’s demonic and slowed down!

Why I censored out "f*cked"

I couldn’t say the actual word that’s censored out due to some sort of form restriction that blocks that word from being said, so I had to censor it!

I’m sure you are sincere about offering something of value. But, to a forum participant that isn’t familiar with you, this looks like an invitation to download a security/privacy problem.

You may wish to, at minimum, provide a description of what it is, so that those willing to take a chance have some idea whether they want to risk it.

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Come Again





See Thru


No One’s Kind

Self Destruct

Four Walls/The Funeral

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