Does it make sense to alter config.txt on Ropieee?

Hi Harrry @spockfish

I was just wondering whether making changes to the conifg.txt on Ropieee would make sense in line with what Archimago suggests here:

I know that you have done some optimization, but this seemed to make an improvement to Volumio when I tried it earlier.

A side note, I only using Volumio as I am using a Nanomesh DAC hat that isn’t currently supported by Ropieee. What would you need to add the Nanomesh hat?


The Nanomesh DAC should work if you select ‘Hifiberry DAC Plus’ in the HAT configuration.
Basically that makes the audio part function.

I like this part of the article …

Don’t worry about the science, my friends… It just sounds much better now that I have tweaked the parameters. Bass is deeper. Treble even more trebly. Soundstage goes back a mile with 360° envelopment. Vocalists sound like they have become incarnate. Smooth as Louis XIII cognac. Thick curtains I was literally blind to were lifted. Any prior jitter totally slaughtered. Noise floor as silent as the best anechoic chamber on Earth. Based on my proprietary Value-Added Audiophile Gauge of Ultimate Enjoyment (VAAGUE) ™ analysis, this tweak is easily able to elevate your Pi 3 to the sound quality of any US$690 (with switching power supply) streamer out there…

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Right! Archimago’s Convoluted Rationalizations And Audiophile Perceptions (CRAAP) optimizations really lead to the next level of RPi audio!!

Oh my, I think possibly Archimago’s humor is just a tad bit too deep for some audiophiles out there to truly appreciate. :wink: