Does KEF LSX offer RAAT support?

Hi I’m thinking of a pair of LSXs. Wondering if they do full RAAT? The LS50W don’t. I have a pair and recently updated the firmware and was bummed to find out I can’t group them to my main system without adding another box such as the blue sound node that I can hook up via optical. I assume they don’t since the LS50W doesn’t be these are newer so you never know. Thanks.

No they don’t.

Nope KEF did not adopt RAAT I am afraid, they are Roon tested not Roon Ready.

hi. are there any other active speakers roon ready? in the seme or less range price?

Hi, and what’s the difference please?

You don’t get all the same features of RAAT your limited to what the hardwares software allows. So you can’t group them with other types endpoints and mix and match only other KEF. Roon Ready endpoints can group with any other manufacturer that’s Roon Ready. You cant apply DSP to groups, no biggie but to some it is. If the manufacturer changes something to do with their playback side it has the capacity to stop working with Roon. Lkely others as well but those are the key ones I know of.

Thanks for explanations!