Does Node 2i output USB to DAC?

Sorry guys if this is redundant. I couldn’t find an answer and Bluesound is not returning my email with the question.

Does the node 2i output digital to the DAC via USB just like it does optical?

Question 2. Can you have 2 digital ouputs hooked up to 2 systems? Are all digital outputs active at once time or do you select that say optical is outputting or coax ect… I 'm thinking I could Use one node 2i for 2 rooms this way.

Looks like there is no usable USB port on the back of the Node 2i. The USB port on under the ethernet port is for connecting to a storage device and the mini USB is dedicated to service. Not sure if the coax and Toslink are active at the same time. I found all this on the Blusound web site.

I looked at the same thing. I couldn’t tell if the USB port outputs or is only for storage it’ doesn’t say specifically that I could find

Check the user guide. It’s also available online. It says the USB port is for storage devices.

I have one. The USB port is for storage.
If you want output to a DAC (or pre-amp), you’d use coax, toslink, or analog RCA.

Yes They did confirm it. USB does not output digital. Is there a reason to choose coax over optical as the better sounding fo the two digital outputs?

If I were to hook the Node 2i into my oppo 105 via Coax or Optical , would it bypass the Node DAC? Would I still be able to use Roon? Thx

I’m pretty sure they told me the analog and both digital outputs are all active at once so you could hook it up via digital output and analog output and it would work. I have used mine via rca digital and optical at the same time and it works just fine.

Thanks. Are you running the Digital into a DAC and the RCA’s into a amp?

I run RCA digital into a DAC in the room with that system and then the optical runs to a Dynaudio connect box and those speakers are in the other room, so both systems are playing at once from the same Node 2i box. I was told the analog out works as well so you could use that. I don’t care for the sound of the Node 2i DAC, I just use it mostly because it’s a Roon endpoint.

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Thx planning on doing the same. RCA in my Marantz 7005AVR, Digital into Oppo 105.