Does quality vary depending on where core is installed?

Hi Everyone,

First post here, so please be kind!

I’m an avid Hifi fan and spend a countless amount of time and money perfecting my stereo system and getting the best possible quality out of my components.

I’m using an Auralic Aries streamer, which feeds a Chord 2qute DAC. Up until recently I’ve been happy with the Lightning DS (auralic default) software, but after trying out Roon - its hard to go to anything else!

Problem is, I think the sound quality out of Lightning is better. It seems a little cleaner, a little more “mature” in its sound signature. Anyway thats a different topic.

My question for this thread is - does it make a difference where I install the Roon Core? All of my music is stored on my NAS, which is then connected to my Asus RT-AC88u router.

I currenlty have the core installed on my macbook pro, but have the ability to setup core on my Synology NAS. Having it on the NAS would be less “transfers” as currently, it would go

NAS > Router > Mac > Router > Aries

If I instaleld core on the NAS it would be:

NAS > Router > Aries

Anyone have any experience with the above choices or could comment on which option would be best?