Does ROCK solve sleep/wake problems?

I’m currently running Roon 1.8 server on a PC with various Raspberry Pi endpoints. I have a lot of problems with sleep/wake on the PC (briefly, it refuses to sleep automatically, and my attempt to set up WOL only worked once) and I’m pretty tired of futzing with it. How does ROCK handle sleep/wake? I find it to be overkill to have this PC running 24 hours a day. I use an iPad for remote control.

I have a NUC/Rock server that is out of sight and always available. No concerns about sleep modes or that it is always on. It is just there and ready to play music any time I use a remote.

Have heard/read about an auto sleep function but thinking its a timer function to stop the zone after the specified time. I have not tried it and not familiar with the functionality.

Thanks! Seems like a NUC is probably the route I want to go.

The simplest dedicated setup seem to be the way to go for problem free musical enjoyment.

Nuc/Rock or Nucleus, internal Sata drive for local library, USB attached SSD for backups, robust internal network (Modem, 8 port Router, 8 port Ethernet switch), wired roon ready and roon tested endpoints, Windows 10 laptop and IPAD remotes.

Nothing but Roon supported software on the server, no windows or mac updates to get in the way. No problems, no drop, no skips, just keeps on trucking. Knocking on wood.

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