Does Rock support 192/24 on Intel NUC 7i5BNH?

Hi - I’ve had an Intel 7i5BNH as my HTPC/Media Server using Win10 for a few years now but have always been frustrated that I couldn’t play 192/24 media bitstreamed via HDMI without it downsampling to 176.4kHz/24 bit. I’ve heard this is maybe a driver issue more than a true hardware limitation but not sure? Even Intel’s tech specs say that it’s only able to do 176/24.

All that said, does using the Rock Linux build allow for native 192/24? I’m looking at maybe getting an 8 or 10 series to fix this but would hate to do it if it’s “fixed” using the RockOS?

Also, I also struggle using the 7i5 as bitstreamed HDMI transport for DSD to my receiver (Marantz SR7013). Is HDMI bitstreamed DSD possible with RockOS on the 7i5 (or even a 10 series NUC?) using Rock?

Thanks, trying to get my ducks in a row before I start spending money (perhaps unnecessarily) to fix this stuff.



I run Roon Core on a Intel 8 i5 and it plays 192/24 to my Onkyo 740 via HDMI. I set it to ‘exclusive mode’ and up-sample everything to 192/24.
DSD over HDMI appears to be a no go on Win10 Roon Core due to missing drivers, not sure about ROCK

Not possible. You can have it converted to PCM though.

Thanks for the info!!