Does Roon Core Need To Be Open? [Answered]

I have Roon Core installed on my Windows office desktop PC. I have an endpoint Raspberry Pi running Ropieee connected to my system.

Do I need to have Roon open on the desktop PC to be able to use the endpoint(s)? Or can I close the program on the desktop and let it run in the background?


Roon Core with a graphical GUI needs to be open RoonServer (which has no GUI) runs headless and auto starts with the computer.

Ok. Are there any plans to have it just run in the background?

That is what the non gui Roon Server is for. You can have the non graphical Roon Server running as the Core AND Roon (with graphics) running as a client to control the RoonServer on the same PC.

Gotcha. I had no idea. Can you install both on the same PC?

Yes. I would install roonserver first. Then roon. During the roon install it will then ask if you want to connect to the core on the same machine.

Thank you.

So I just have the regular gui Roon installed. Do I remove that and start all over?

You can Migrate you current install to Roon Server. More info here:

Once successfully migrated, you can demote your regular Roon install to functioning as Remote only and remove the old data folders if so desired.

Oh dear, roon user for about three years now and still I’m a bit confused.

I’m using a 2 year old high spec Mac Mini with 16GB of ram as my core.

What is frustrating me is having to log on remotely to re open the roon software window after every update.

Am I missing a big trick here? I think I’m just using a basic core setup of having roon open on the mac mini?

Should I have installed roon server or something? The Mac mini sits in my sever rack and only does Roon…

If you are using Roon, the program needs to b open. RoonServer still needs a user to login.