Does Roon fulfill hard requirements on zone sync?


I have a general but technical demanding question regarding zone sync in Roon.

There are only few (any at all?) multichannel Roon-Ready DACs in the market. Such a DAC will be needed to drive full active speaker systems.

My idea is to get several Roon-Bridges (Pi with DAC) running in parallel. Each has its own two-cannel audio hat with its own clock. Then combine them in a common zone.

For each of the Roon-Bridges I can define separate crossover filters and I’m done.

Now my question:
Is sync in the zone perfect enough for this use case?

Thanks a lot DrCWO

This is something you might also ask in the tinkering section. If you have not yet done so, try searching that section as I believe this and things close to it have been discussed over the years and their might be an answer already.

I will do. But I googled for that and found nothing :frowning:

“Perfect enough” is rather particular wording.

Within a given streaming tech, RAAT, airplay, chromecast the sync works, without discernible timing issues.

I’ve used groups with both RAAT (pi’s + dac, both hat and usb) and airplay without issue.

Ah, I’ve reread your question, and you are trying to achieve multichannel audio in the same room. Even so I’d say it should work, but wouldn’t you be better off plugging a PI into a mutlichannel capable dac via USB? Or toslink/spdif can handle multichannel audio. Doing that with multiple pis/dacs seems like a real headache.

This might be of interest (Note, the whole thread, I just used a randomly chosen post to link)

Here is one, no resolution though