Does roon handle change of streaming service provider?

I like using roon as my music library and player and is now a lifetime subscriber. For some years I am also a Tidal Hifi subscriber, but I expect to be utilizing roon far longer than Tidal. I really dont like the owners of Tidal to generate extra hits for themselves and I expect to switch to another provider as Qobus, Deezer sometime in the future. As roon is my music library, can roon handle change of streaming provider? Will all my music currently added from Tidal still be in my library and can be played by another provider like Deezer?

all the best

You may be able to transfer your selected favorites (i.e. albums and tracks) from Tidal to another streaming provider. But you will have to use that streaming provider outside of Roon, which presently does not integrate with any others beyond Tidal.