Does roon interfere with sound quality?

I just want to be certain when I ask this question.

Does roon software mess with the sound quality when I’m using streaming services such as TIDAL and Qobuz?

The reason I’m asking is that I found the sound output better when I play music via my BluOS app for my NAD M10 V2. I’ve checked the roon software app and can confirm that both Qobuz and TIDAL settings have preference for the highest quality output.

Am I just imagining things?

If you aren’t using Roon’s DSP function, then Roon delivers bit perfect signal.

A better question to ask is whether BluOS pumps up the mid-range.

Ah, and there is the question.

Roon is bit perfect. Doesn’t mean it sounds the same and others report the same.

It would help to understand your signal path (post a screenshot) and compare to your path when you don’t use Roon.

What tools should I use to inspect the signal path?

Why do you think bluOS pumps the mid range?

Hi @Abi2022, checkout these Roon Help pages…

Thanks, This post makes me now wonder whether i’m right. I’m a newbie to roon and only now understand that the hardware the roon core will of course have an influence in the output and in my case a negative one. So roon works this way?

App → Roon Core → Streaming Service → Streaming Amp

Using roon, I’ve inadvertently added yet another middle man to the chain. Whereas BlueOS is:

App ->Streaming Service → Amp

I say mid-range because that’s the biggest bang for the buck.

If you are not using Roon’s DSP, then you are hearing unadulterated bit perfect from Roon.

If BlueOS, or Tidal/Qobuz native apps, sound ‘better’ to you compared to Roon, then there are only two conclusions; 1) the apps that sound ‘better’ are doing something extra behind the scenes, or 2) it’s your imagination.

What other explanations are there?

In any event, it isn’t Roon that is interfering with SQ.

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Ignore the App it is only being used to control Roon the audio path when streaming from Tidal/Qobuz is …

Streaming Service → Roon Core → Streaming Amp

If you look at the Roon Signal Path, it will show you what’s happening in you system.

Can you post a screenshot of it, the we can comment if all is well or not.

Appreciate your help. Please see attached screenshot

It is the nature of audio enthusiasm that some enthusiasts – perhaps many – hear differences that others don’t. Do they have better ears? Overactive imaginations? We all have opinions, but there is no definitive answer, and of course every case is different.

And in addition to that morass, some DACs are objectively better when used with certain inputs, because those inputs are implemented better.

Furthermore, what is “better” when comparing two audio signals is impossible to define objectively, because it is a multidimensional problem, so the weighting (emphasis) given to each dimension must be chosen. How? There are many ways, but all involve some arbitrariness. Then, of course, there also are individual preferences to consider.

For my part, I have tried both Roon and DLNA streaming to my Auralic device, and they sound the same to me. Another thing that sounds the same is playing a local CD through the same signal chain.


I have a nad m10 and nad 658 in different systems. I don’t hear anything different between ROON and blu os. I use DIRAC on both, no other processing.

The room app is nice though, I just say. I’m currently on the 14 day trial