Does Roon Nucleus support Devialet AIR?

I am wanting to replace my Windows music server running Roon and AIR to my Devialet 400. I am not clear on whether the Roon Nucleus with Roon ROCK supports AIR or will I need to go USB?


Roon is what matters. The machine it is run on doesn’t. So if AIR works in Windows it will on the OS the Nucleus uses.

Yes, Roon ROCK supports Devialet AIR. :grinning:

I should l have specified that I have a D400 - not the Core Infiniti (which the D440 is) . .the D440 is Roon Ready/integrated due to CI. The D400 is not. .

Devialet AIR has nothing to do with Roon Ready. I used Devialet AIR before Devialet to release the firmware that made the amplifier Roon Ready.
But you better ask a Devialet 400 owner (maybe here:

I understand that Roon contains its own implementation of Devialet’s AIR network streaming protocol. This implementation does not depend on the Devialet AIR driver, and works (best) when Devialet’s driver is not even installed on the same machine. I would expect this to be equally true of Roon Nucleus, although I don’t have first-hand experience.

To clarify a couple of other points:

  • Roon’s implementation of AIR works with non-Pro Devialets and Pro models without Core Infinity
  • this is independent of “Roon Ready” (support for RAAT) which only works with Pro models fitted with the Core Infinity board

Thanks - this was the clarity I was looking for. . .

@thumb5 is 100% correct, and his expectation of Nucleus is correct as well.

I had a Roon Nucleus a while ago and it worked like a charm with my Devialet Expert 120!

Hope this helps.

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