Does Roon Support APE compressed files

.ape is a common format , does Roon support it

I just found a missing disc in an otherwise Flac set

looked in the KB seems not to , am I right

I have dug further , another few ape albums are missing so it seems I answered my own question

Many years ago it was, these days it’s rare to encounter anything in APE unless you encoded it yourself.

Perhaps I’m a Matt Ashland fan😛

It’s only a few albums , they are fixed now

Good to read you are now good … if want to read more on Roon and APE checkout this topic.

Thanks for the link

I see ape quite often but nearly always as big files with Cues

I always split them

I hadn’t noticed until I wanted a specific album, it wasn’t there !

JRiver plays then natively, as it would since their CTO wrote the ape format

It also converts to flac happily

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