Does roon update metadata?

Rhino has recently released a “deluxe edition” of Mingus at Carnegie Hall. I believe it has the entire concert, where the original release had just two of the seven tracks that are on the deluxe edition (and had them in the wrong order). The metadata issue that arises is that allmusic/tivo does not have the deluxe edition in its database - yet(?), so roon has attached the description for the original two track album that is at allmusic. musicbrainz does have the deluxe album, but the metadata it has is scanty, except for the two original tracks. Assuming allmusic eventually updates the description for the deluxe edition will roon automatically update the metadata? I should say that except for the description, the metadata in roon is accurate.

Hello @Stan_Jones,

Thank you for your question and heads up on this one. Man, what a stellar concert by Mingus and his lineup here. It was always bittersweet listening to the original because you just knew there were amazing performances that were left in the can.

Yes, as more accurate for this title is available among metadata providers the most reliable version will be pulled into our description. Right now it looks like it’s halfway through the process, performance information is correct but in most places the description details are consistent with the original two track release.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’m tracking it for updates.