Does Roon work without internet? [answered: no]

Yes I use googles dns settings.

Your point? Roon is a US based company so they follow US Holidays.

Disconnect from your internet and see what happens. That is the answer.

Sounds like you have an underlying problem that needs sorting. Remotes shouldn’t do that.
Raise a support thread.

Thanks for your help. There exist a thread here started from last year asking this question. All I see is anecdotal experiences. I’m asking for a Roonlabs response, like others have asked before me.

This info should be in the FAQ and the marketing copy.

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Not sure what you mean ‘underlying issues.’ I agree it should just work.

It doesn’t sound like it is, so get support to look at your system.

There was a definitive answer age back from @danny , I can’t just find it (I’ll look some more) but the essence was that Roon periodically checks back to base for a valid license but otherwise all metadata etc is copied to your local library and should not require an active internet connection.

Obviously stuff that depends on your Tidal/Qobuz connection will not work and that includes Artists Discography etc.

What is causing remote lack of connections such as iPads must be local ??

I have particular conditions that require me to restart from scratch (power outages from our power utility) currently as often as 3 times a day . I have yet to see a failure on restart (holds thumbs …)


That’s from roons point of view. However, if for example your router won’t serve DHCP once it’s offline then some of your clients may fail immediately or at end of lease.
Over the years as people have responded to actual offline incidents it’s pretty much pot luck if it will work or not.
In one of the threads one of the networking gurus said there are so many variables in network set ups that it is impossible to give guidance.

But if the router stops serving DHCP if it has no upstream connection, everything on the local network that used DHCP would stop working, not just Roon.

(And arguably it would be a poor or misconfigured router)

And in another thread, Danny says:

Which certainly is my experience

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Nothing or everything?
That was my point if it was everything, it’s not a roon issue per se, it’s a network issue overall.

Where did your set the DNS to Google ? On your router or your individual devices? You should not set it on devices as then when you loose internet it will fail . Devices should always get your routers IP for DNS server and the router itself you set the DNS service/s to use this way of internet is down the network will perform as normal just without internet.

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Sorry, I meant everything, corrected above.

Agreed, it’s probably a network issue. I just meant that Danny did say as much in the other post I linked, irrespective of the 30-day license check.

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When Roon starts with its slowness, even after restarting it, as a troubleshooting practice sometimes I disconnect the internet for weeks and, although not definitive, it seems to improve. I only use local files and everything works perfect. I haven’t passed over 30 days, haven’t the need, but all devices work without issues. The only difference is that my DHCP server is outside of the router.

Thanks Guys for help in my nonexistent lan issues. I’m sure people will come to this thread seeking this knowledge. My local network works without issue. Loss of Internet access has no effect on intranet functionality. I get >500mbps from anywhere in my house. Sonos, plex, jriver all work without issues. Kids are gone and it’s just me and the wife on the local net and she won’t use Roon, She refers to it as “Music with interruptions” Lol. Which is unfair IMO, but impressions are hard to shake.

So please let’s not worry about my local net as I’m not here for you solve my net problem. I’m seeking the answer to the thread title. Trying to better understand Roon and it’s requirements.

But there may be some wheat here. From Geoff the mod.

[quote=“Roon functionality offline, with no internet [not on roadmap], post:15, topic:28477”]
The number is 30 days. Roon software requires an internet connection, but supports going offline for up to 30 days. This is a core part of our license checking system. You may not be able to see how this works but the pirates can.

Also, it’s a requirement for lyrics reporting that we must adhere to. Lyrics copyright owners requires monthly reports on lyrics viewed.

Thank you!

If you had said from the start that it does not stop working as soon as the internet drops, you probably would have had your answer faster. This was the original topic of this thread, so I guess everybody assumed that this was your problem, too.


Your books work without internet?

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With the Roon Core on version 2.0, the grace period is not 30 days anymore. You must have internet access to run the Roon Core 2.0. If you require offline access for any substantial period of time, you must stay on 1.8 Legacy.

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