Does Ropieee Actually work for anyone?

No matter what I do I can’t get Ropieee and my SMSL SU-9 DAC to been seen by Roon.

Does this thing work for anybody or is my DAC not compatible?

I’ve never had it not work. I believe it works for a lot of people. What isn’t working?

I’m using a Pi 4 with a Dragonfly Red DAC.

I can login just fine and everything but I just can’t get Roon to see my USB connected SMSL Su 9. It worked for like 5 min and then could never get Roon to see it again. Tried different cables. Multiple reboots but still nothing

Works fine for me running RopieeeXL on a RPi4B connecting to my Holo Audio May L2 Dac. Hope you get a resolution to your problem. I used to use an older SMSL Dac previously and that had no issues either FYI.

I think I might have finally got it… I did a full reboot of the computer Roon is running on and now it can see it!

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