Does Ropieee identify attached DAC?

Got my Raspberry Pi4 working very nicely with Ropieee and an attached Denon DA 300 USB.
In the signal path the DAC is correctly identified as DA-300USB. I can’t recall putting that name in be it in Ropieee or in the Roon settings. Where does it come from?

In case you wonder why I up-sample etc. it because I wanted to find out if up sampling in Roon core to 192/32 makes a difference to upsampling in the DA 300 USB (with AL32 processor). Well it doesn’t to my ears.

The name of the DAC is sourced from the DAC itself. You don’t need to manually enter it anywhere on Roon or Ropieee.

Cool, never thought that this possible. Thanks

I’m presume it’s coded into the hardware. I remember reading a heated exchange on another forum about a DAC that had 2 variants of the same name in its coding (or something like that). It was causing no end of problems for the user. It all went over my head!

Yeah, a USB connection can have a lot more functionality than an S/PDIF connection. Not all DACs implement that functionality, though.

That is because USB is bi-directional communication, whereas S/PDIF is one direction only.

My dream interface: a follow up for SPDIF, bidirectional and support for higher bit rates.
Which such an interface we have best of both worlds: bidirectional data and optical separation.

Oh. And before people come up with some esoteric brand that implemented this… I meant a proper standard :wink: