Does ropieee work with roon essentials?

I have the ELAC dac with built in roon essentials. The [very readable] ropieee beginner’s guide mentions

“If using as a display, enable the RoPieee extension in Roon Settings → Extensions.”

Might this or other “gotchas” block my use of ropieee?

Not sure if roon works with the display in essentials…but ropieee alone might


Ropppies display extension needs a Roon core to enabe it, is Roon essentials just a control app or does it require a Roon core?

I’m happy if I can use the web interface. Maybe I can “bookmark” it on my various devices.

Roon Essentials is a somewhat restricted version of the Roon Core - e.g. track limit of 30,000.

Unfortunately, Roon Bridge is not supported as an output in Roon Essentials, so you’ll need a licensed Roon Core to use Ropieee.

Bummer! Plus i can find no restriction on nor on the roon web site. To tell me after the fact seems a bit disingenuous.
Thanks to Martin Webster i read to '16 discussion on Roon Essentials. And had I been explicitly told that Roon Bridge was missing, and if I had understood at the time what it meant, I’d have done the same thing!

Their are several reasons I purchased the Discovery DAC:

  1. I don’t need to leave a PC running all the time.
    The DAC draws about 4.4396 watts (+/-) so I can leave it running/paused all the time. I bring up the app; turn on the amp; press play and I’m connected to Baroque music from Greece - so much better than Spotify.

  2. My minuscule library (<8K tracks) uses 10% of a 1TB drive that is smaller than my phone and is usb connected to the Discovery. In fact it’s easy to keep a backup on my PC hard drive.

  3. I used to struggle with directory structures that semi-catalogued my albums - it was difficult to manage. Roon [Essentials] does such a good job of handling the meta-data that I add directories by date ripped. Side note, in looking for Prelude to an Afternoon of a faun (for you Debussy fans), I have to enter the French name (prelude a l’…). I’ve discovered much music I forgot I had.

  4. Oh, the DAC itself, This all started when my pre-Logitech Squeezebox (Slim Devices) suffered right-side volume issues (the diagnosis was Burr-Brownout). The Discovery answers everything I wanted and I suspect offers better sound. BTW, my total system cost is <4K$ - Monitor Audio speakers, [old] Rotel integrated amp, Discovery.

  5. I Audiogon-ed it at a reasonable discount from NIB.

For my purposes Roon Essentials is all I need for some time. If I can get AirPlay working, I won’t need the RoPieee connected DAC - though it would have been a fun project.

Thanks to all who joined in or monitored this thread. I’ll probably be making a nuisance of myself both here and at ELAC.

You could use HiFiBerry os as I do. Bud you need a HAT to do so. Works perfectly for my with Roon Essentials!

Thanks @Rudiger_Sandig for the tip.
Great. I’m using it for a while now in combination with HiFiBerry Amp2 HAT. Since very beginning I’m experiencing problems with volume control of the Berry device. Moving slider step by step, +1 or -1, causes often that the slider get reset to minimum volume (with silence as result). Moving the slider at once to random position helps a bit but also this action causes from time to time reset. With other words it is imposilble to gently adjust the volume of Berry HAT.
Has anybody similar problems, or tips?

I think it’s a problem with the HiFiBerry driver on recent Pi OS versions.

You can try changing the settings on the roon zone to use ‘dsp’ volume rather than ‘device’ volume - which you might find helps.