Does ropieee work with roon essentials?

I have the ELAC dac with built in roon essentials. The [very readable] ropieee beginner’s guide mentions

“If using as a display, enable the RoPieee extension in Roon Settings → Extensions.”

Might this or other “gotchas” block my use of ropieee?

Not sure if roon works with the display in essentials…but ropieee alone might


Ropppies display extension needs a Roon core to enabe it, is Roon essentials just a control app or does it require a Roon core?

I’m happy if I can use the web interface. Maybe I can “bookmark” it on my various devices.

Roon Essentials is a somewhat restricted version of the Roon Core - e.g. track limit of 30,000.

Unfortunately, Roon Bridge is not supported as an output in Roon Essentials, so you’ll need a licensed Roon Core to use Ropieee.

Bummer! Plus i can find no restriction on nor on the roon web site. To tell me after the fact seems a bit disingenuous.
Thanks to Martin Webster i read to '16 discussion on Roon Essentials. And had I been explicitly told that Roon Bridge was missing, and if I had understood at the time what it meant, I’d have done the same thing!

Their are several reasons I purchased the Discovery DAC:

  1. I don’t need to leave a PC running all the time.
    The DAC draws about 4.4396 watts (+/-) so I can leave it running/paused all the time. I bring up the app; turn on the amp; press play and I’m connected to Baroque music from Greece - so much better than Spotify.

  2. My minuscule library (<8K tracks) uses 10% of a 1TB drive that is smaller than my phone and is usb connected to the Discovery. In fact it’s easy to keep a backup on my PC hard drive.

  3. I used to struggle with directory structures that semi-catalogued my albums - it was difficult to manage. Roon [Essentials] does such a good job of handling the meta-data that I add directories by date ripped. Side note, in looking for Prelude to an Afternoon of a faun (for you Debussy fans), I have to enter the French name (prelude a l’…). I’ve discovered much music I forgot I had.

  4. Oh, the DAC itself, This all started when my pre-Logitech Squeezebox (Slim Devices) suffered right-side volume issues (the diagnosis was Burr-Brownout). The Discovery answers everything I wanted and I suspect offers better sound. BTW, my total system cost is <4K$ - Monitor Audio speakers, [old] Rotel integrated amp, Discovery.

  5. I Audiogon-ed it at a reasonable discount from NIB.

For my purposes Roon Essentials is all I need for some time. If I can get AirPlay working, I won’t need the RoPieee connected DAC - though it would have been a fun project.

Thanks to all who joined in or monitored this thread. I’ll probably be making a nuisance of myself both here and at ELAC.

You could use HiFiBerry os as I do. Bud you need a HAT to do so. Works perfectly for my with Roon Essentials!