Does the iPad App do anything more than the Android

Does the IPad app do anything the android app does not do?

Chris :slight_smile:

I don’t think so but it probably does it quicker :wink:

The Android application looks and functions exactly like the desktop application. Super Small edit buttons and everything. Depending on the Android tablet you have it can be sluggish because of the power requirements as @ncpl mentioned, or it can be pretty darn smooth. I have a brand new open box 32 GB Samsung Tab S which is running it pretty sweet except for a couple of hiccups that have been recently introduced. There are no upgrades or changes to the Android UI to make it touch friendly. It is the same as the desktop application.

The real question is what enhancements have been made on the IOS application to increase speed or offer a better touch oriented experience. It would be interesting for someone with both to offer those on one side or the other a comparative view.

And any feedback on how it does with the iPad Mini’s 7" screen would be greatly appreciated as well.

I have a Nexus 9 and an iPad Mini here, and it’s weird to say this, but the iPad mini feels slightly better to me. Not sure if it’s the hardware or the aspect ration, but it really feels great.

Aside from the subtle UX differences, in response to @Chrislayeruk’s original question, the two apps are functionally identical, except for one difference – the Android remote app is able to run a private zone, while the iPad app does not.

Due to a few platform-specific issues, iOS audio playback is still under development, and isn’t likely to be integrated into the remote app. It will, however, be possible once RoonSpeakers is released.

This mini’s handling the ap just fine. I’ve no problem with the screen size and overall operations. Chances are if you already have a mini you’re happy with its display size and will be just fine with its rendering of the roon gui.

This answered my question of whether the ipad could be used to output the music besides control it. So will RoonSpeakers also work on iphones? Then can have iphone hooked to speakers and controlled with the ipad.

App on mini3 is quite awesome.

I find the Andriod UI very touch friendly. Touch is the only way to use it, it demonstrates why the laptop UI is necessarily not intuitive in operation.

On a 10 inch, all the edit is fine for me. It’s great fun editing as you find things.

The only thing I can’t do is add images on my Galaxy Tab A. Discover is slow on this particular tab, probably due to RAM spec. (I bought a very cheap deal)

Sorry to be dim, but does that mean that, in future, an iPad could be used to remote a core install to play to the core attached audio and also to be the host for roonspeakers so the core can stream to it?
iPad Remote>core> core audio
iPad Remote>core> roon speakers on iPad


I really like it on a Mini 3. Everything looks crisp and easy to see. Nothing seems too cramped.

Thanks for the feedback on the Roon app w/ the iPad Mini’s screen size.