Does the Roon Nucleus both store music as well as run Roon

Folks I am new to this and building from the ground up. So I have dumb and basic questions. I apologize. I currently have a nice NAS sitting in pieces on my table; I need to assemble it and configure it for RAID7. This thread worries me because now I am wondering if I need a NAS at all, let alone an end-point device just before my DAC/Amp.

Please illuminate me: Does the Roon nucleus both store music as well as run Roon (and store all the Roonic metadata)? Or is some sort of a NAS or other storage system still needed?

Furthermore, If I understand the point of this thread at all, I do not need an end-point device that connects the NAS to the DAC/Amp if I have a Roon Nucleus. Is this true?

Finally, how “noisy” is the Nucleus in terms of actual noise and electronic interference of signals? How hot does it run? I was imagining keeping it in another room, but if it plugs straight into the DAC/Amp, than it will be right with the other parts of the system.

Thanks and sorry for basic questions.

Nucleus comes with an M.2 drive that will only hold the OS and Roon’s library…

To store music files, you need another drive, either an internal SSD or an external USB.

Mainly, people use endpoint to get the Nucleus out of the listening room.

If that doesn’t matter to you, then a USB connected DAC is just as good.

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Install an internal SSD if you want a totally silent Nucleus. This drive will be used for storing your local music files.

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Yes - it can - but as S_F states above you would need to add an appropriate drive.

You don’t need a NAS, but in some circumstances you may want to have one. For example, if you want to stream your local music files to multiple devices in your house, but if not then a USB hard drive or internal storage in the Nucleus will be fine.

A couple of bits of advice.

The Nucleus is a little expensive for what it is, compared with the cost of Roon Rock on a NUC, but it is the easiest way to go if you aren’t confident of building and installing a NUC.

I wouldn’t bother with Raid on your NAS at all. Modern hard drives are very robust. Best to keep a copy of your music files regularly backed up on one or more USB hard drives and store one of the drives off-site with a relative or friend.

Of course, Roon will stream music to various endpoints around the house without a NAS being involved.

Someone that’s trusted to be responsible. :laughing:.

Good point, and I guess that virtually everyone on this forum either runs Roon or intends to do so - in which case a NAS isn’t required as long as you ensure that each of your systems has a Roon endpoint.
Each of my systems does (Linn Klimax DS/1, Sonore microRendu/Mytek Brooklyn+, Chromecast Audio/Marantz NA7004 and Naim Muso QB), and Roon has made it much easier and more pleasurable for me to stream to each of them. The Marantz NA7004 in particular had a dreadful front end app as well as no access to external streaming services.

So, I guess I don’t really need my music NAS, but given that it works well for me I see no reason to change.

Or your safe deposit box at your bank.

Does the nucleus also do the renderingg?

Yes it does.

So I have a question about this Nucleus device, since Roon made it themselves, how come the Nucleus is not considered to be the best streamer out there for Roon?

You see users that use Lumin/Antipodes/Taiko/Innuous stating that their streamers are superior to the Nucleus but wouldnt it make more sense for the Nucleus to be the best since Roon (software) make their OWN hardware?

Hope you guys understand the question, thanks!

Because the streamer market is full of â– â– .

Hope you understand the answer. :sunglasses:

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The Roon Nucleus and Nucleus + are what they are. It’s always possible someone could produce something with more computing power or some other enhancements. It’s easy enough to build a NUC running ROCK that is a more powerful computer than a Nucleus. I think Roon is more about software than hardware. However, don’t always believe everything you read about any products.

Define “best”.

Many of us believe that the core (server) is irrelevant to the sound quality.
In my view, the Nucleus comes closest to being a simple appliance, as easy to get and use as an FM tuner.

I have installed a SSD drive inside the Nucleus. The Nucleus is completely silent.
I have endpoints connected to it both over direct USB, wired network and WiFi; all work fine, no electronic noise detected.


Many of us believe the Nucleus is the best streamer for Roon. How often do you see posts from users who don’t claim their equipment of choice is the best. :wink:

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Human nature. Can you blame them?

I mean if I buy a Shangri-la at 50K…
Would you be happy if somebody told you your baby is ugly?

At the end of the day we are in search of the same goal… Reaching SQ perfection, so we will never be happy with what we have even though we claim we are… and wee keep buying and searching for the best that one can reach out for… and some times even go that mile and go hungry for a few months… LOL

Fair enough, the Roon Nucleus compared to higher end streamer looks like a STEAL.

I do not have direct AB or experience with the Nucleus than say with Lumin or Antipodes but many dealers/users feel Lumin/Antipodes is tiers above the Nucleus streamer wise.

It’s a computer. It won’t affect SQ.

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“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”
Especially when the person making the claim has a financial incentive.

Because their profit margin is greater with higher cost equipment?