Does the server on ROCK have any special restrictions on allowable DNS servers?

I just finished (I hope) changing my LAN-wide DHCP-delivered DNS server address to a local system running stubby to tighten up my DNS security. I had been using “,” for ages with no problems anywhere. Immediately after changing to “192.168..”, I began getting “Network error, check your connection” errors from Roon. I changed the server to a static address (same one as assigned by DHCP) with DNS servers back to “,” and everything works again.

I’m very curious why. Is Roon throwing an error because it doesn’t like DNS servers on the same subnet? Or some other restriction? Or is it just a bug? And if so, a bug in Roon? Or am I misunderstanding something?

Thanks for any help. Although the ROCK now works fine, I’m way too obsessive to tolerate happily an unnecessarily static host on my LAN.

No but some work better than others for some reason. Did you reboot after changing over it over.

Not sure. I know I restarted Roon server, but that may not be enough. I’ll try again with reboots. (Though with the restarts, each change to the DNS list created immediate, unambiguous effects.)


Won’t be enough to refresh DNS. I have always had to reboot the core machine to pick up changes.

That’s possible. I’ll turn on stubby’s full logging for a while to check the request load and whatever else jumps out at me.