Does Tunebox 3 Work with Roon?

Sorry if this is a silly question. I can’t get my new Nexum Tunebox 3 to work with Roon. I’ve set it up as an audio device in a separate zone. When I hit play the visual display in the zone box seems to indicate it is playing, but at the bottom the track doesn’t seem to progress and there is no sound. Tunebox works fine with Tidal, Spotify etc.

Only way I can get it to work now with Roon is on my mac with system output device being set to Tunebox and then setting the zone in room as my laptop speakers. But that isn’t a satisfactory workaround. It also doesn’t help me if I want to use Roon on an ipad or iphone. Haaaaalp! :slight_smile:

No mention of Roon support on Nexum’s or Roon’s sites, no reason to think it would work.

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Damn, should have researched before I bought it. But was just getting into Roon then and didn’t really think it through. Do you know of any other el-cheapo streamers that might do the job? I’m thinking of getting a Chromecast Audio

Chromecast audio does work.

Hello Eugene,

i had used Chromecast Audio devices, but they cannot play gapless with roon; this was a KO criteria. Now I’m using two Cubox-i. I’m very happy with these and do not have any problems. They have SPDIF and USB to connect a DAC.

Hope this helps a little bit…

Yeah, I’ve heard that dropouts are an issue with Chromecast too. Xandilus thanks! Cubox-i doesn’t look too plug and play though. How did you set it up to work as a streamer? What is the max sample rate that it does?

You’ll have to do an install of Debian via terminal; images are available at Solid-Run. Then you can download the ARMv7 setup for the bridge at roon and install it. Then configuration like ALSA, updates, …
Not that difficult…
I think I’ve tested 192kHz, but I can do this until tomorrow, if you want to.
If you want Plug and Play, this isn’t the right solution, this is correct.

EDIT: If you are still interested, I can show you the steps necessary in the next days and you can decide if this is makeable for you.

Yes absolutely, if its not too much trouble I can try to do it. Just from what you’ve written I’m intimidated though :slight_smile:

I will do a setup in the next days and write down all the steps. I hope I will be able to manage this again. :slight_smile:
Is it ok until Wednesday or Thursday?

Of course! I’m very grateful. It will take me a while to source them anyway

Don’t do it before you’ve seen what to do, ok? And look around for better alternatives, there are many. I’ve chosen the Cubox, because I had them at home already…

Hello Eugene,

I did the setup and the “new” device is now playing radio for me. :slight_smile:

I’ve written down the steps roughly. Please take a look, if this would be possible to realize for you.

btw: I’ve a Mac, maybe the process has to be varied for a different OS.

Have a nice day,

EDIT: You’ve asked for the max. samplerate. At the device info roon displays “768kHz”, but this is absurd of course.
I’m listening to an album with 24bit and 96kHz at the moment, and this without any problems.

That looks awesome! Thanks bro. I’ll buy today. Yes, I have a Macbook Air. 24/96 should be just dandy

I’m happy to be able to help you.
I have to say, that you will need a DAC with either TOSLINK or with USB port. The Cubox doesn’t have an analog audio out.
I will write down the installation steps more detailed now.
Don’t forget to order a power supply, too. You will need a strong one with 3A. This will cost about 10€.
A fast micro sd card with 16GB will be enough.

If you have any further questions, I think it will make sense to do this by PM.

Have a nice day,

EDIT: there are different types of the Cubox. I have two Cubox-i2. I don’t know if the Cubox-M is compatible.

Xandilus I’m in Australia and from a quick web browse I can see that the the cubox-i is not easily available here. Looks like there are imports available via ebay but they are coming up-to $200 - 250. I’ll have a more extensive search. Yes I have a Dacmagic with toslink and USB inputs. I’m wondering if Raspberry Pi might be a better option for where I live then

A Pi 4 running Ropieee is an excellent choice for an entry-level Roon Bridge. If you just want USB out, the Pi 4 will do that. If you also want toslink/coax/… there are several ad-on boards (HATs) that are pretty popular. I’m partial to the Pi2AES board, but that’s difficult to get outside the US. HiFiBerry HATs seem pretty popular.

OK, if this is a better option, I would do this. And I have just tested: I am only able to play the 24bit 192kHz by USB port, not per TOSLINK.
Here in the forum there are many Raspberry Pi users; they will be able to help you.
But it was a nice try.

Have a nice day nevertheless :slight_smile:

Well it looks like Roon 1.8 is working with TB 3 now! I wonder if there has been some deliberate work on Roon’s part or is this some sort of fluke which isn’t likely to be consistent?