Does using Roon DSP with a Non-MQA DAC Destroy the Integrity of the MQA file?


I use Roon with a Devialet Expert Pro and I am considering upsampling all PCM files to 24/192. I listen extensively to MQA lately and wondering if using DSP will destroy the integrity of the MQA first unfold.

No it’s applied after the mqa unfold if you set the mqa capabilities correctly on the device in question.

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Thank you for confirming, good news.

Out of topic:
Devialet Expert Pro is performing his internal upsampling to 192/24. Why would you add another similar processing, prior to the DAC in Devialet?

Good point, but I would like to experiment nevertheless.

There’s other useful stuff you can apply in Roon’s DSP, like volume leveling (try Album or Auto with a target of -18 LUFS, then crank your amplifier up +6-8 dB higher than you usually do). Convolution for room correction works well with MQA also.

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Okay, I get it, I did that too. :slightly_smiling_face:
In addition to doubling upsampling, there is another consequence: it increases network traffic, both for the computer with Roon and for Devialet (and for the network itself, router / switch etc., obviously).