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Why does this album:

with these credits (note Franz Liszt credit as composer):

not appear on the Liszt composer page:

As a side note. Roon doesn’t have metadata for several older Telarc recordings.

Hi @Paul_Farrar,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question. What you’re experiencing here is being caused by having Liszt credited in the Composer AND Primary Artist field. If you remove Liszt from primary artist for the album (and all the tracks) you’ll be good.

We’re working on addressing this behavior because there are modern classical composers who should appear in multiple fields such as composer, primary artist, producer, etc.

For now; however, remove Liszt from Primary Artist at the album level.

  • Click the ellipsis button on the album page.
  • Click edit
  • Click edit album
  • Click edit credits
  • Remove Liszt as Primary Artist
  • Click Save

Now do the same for Tracks:

  • Now select all the tracks
  • Click edit tracks and repeat the process of removing Liszt as Primary Artist
  • Click Save

That should do it!

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