Dolby Atmos Music is now available to Tidal HiFi subscribers

Dolby Atmos Music is now available to Tidal HiFi subscribers

“Aside from a HiFi subscription, to enjoy Dolby Atmos Music you’ll need an Atmos-compatible Android phone such as a Samsung Galaxy S10+, or an Android tablet. Atmos tracks are badged with a Dolby logo, and Tidal will automatically default to the Dolby Atmos experience where available.”

Ok so Dolby Atmos through a phone or tablet?

I’m confused…

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Wonder if Roon can pass this to hdmi connected atmos receivers etc

Put this in the Tidal area for you.

I believe this is catered to people who like to enjoy 3D surround sound. At the moment the way to get it out is by HDMI connection to a compatible AV receiver.

Maybe with my smyth realizer a16 and some cans

Well hopefully the Atmos tracks can be played by Roon once the format is rolled out to all users… I would need it downmixed to 5.1

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Dolby Atmos is the best possible way to hear your music.

Tidal made a giant step with Dolby Atmos, and we are waiting from roon to adapt this feature inside the roon core software.

Dolby Atmos doesn’t need HDMI, if you have ethernet, which by the way is almost the same connection. So, roon server should feed with tidal Dolby Atmos songs my Dolby Atmos capable roon ready audio zone (Trinnov).

We are looking forward for roon to adapt the immersive experience from Tidal.

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Not sure I could agree with that. It is another way and may be a very good way but it could not be described as the best way.
I have a two channel system and enjoy Standard CD, high res and MQA music, I don’t see Dolby Atmos adding anything for me.
I have a large collection of music that is never going to be encoded as such.

I would also state that good live music is the best experience.


Do you work for Dolby ?

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No, i don’t work for Dolby labs. :rofl:

Neither for Trinnov audio, or any other audio related company. :joy:

My audio system is a “by the book” 7.4.4 immersive setup, with exactly the same 11 active professional monitor speakers and 4 professional monitor subs, all speakers are at the optimum positions and at exactly the same distance from the sweet spot, my room is acoustically treated with optimum and stable RT 60 at all frequencies, target curve of room eq is quite near the latest suggestion of Floyd Toole, with excellent step response and really low THD at reference level, even at the first octave, and i am quite sure that there is no way you can compare any 2-channel audio recording with a multichannel one, and the absolutely best, by far, is the dolby atmos immersive sound, which is really very very close to the live sound. :wink:

2-channel music is proven to be wrong, is obsolete, is the result of old vinyl limitations, and the best possible way to enjoy it, is with auro 3d upmixing. :slight_smile:

I suppose that you don’t have good enough surround and top speakers or (even worse) you don’t have any such speakers at all, or even a high quality av processor with at least dirac for room equalization and multiple subs for homogeneous responce to the first 2 octaves, to express these opinions…

Anyway, i would also like to have the option from roon labs to enjoy the 360° audio format from tidal, with the sony algorithm, and i can also reassure you that i do not work for sony, nor for Tidal. :innocent:


Wether you consider two channel music wrong or not is by the by. All the live gigs I have ever been to have been via a two channel speaker PA system… Is that wrong?
Most people will not have the room or money for a surround system in their homes.

I have had Meridian surround sound and loved Trifield in a 5.1 set up.
Now having moved to a DSP SE system, I cannot afford suitable speakers to blend in with them. They would need to be EBA compatible. Also the improvements I have experienced with MQA make the idea of investing so much obsolete.

I finally have a system that is truly satisfying to me and certainly stuns visitors who have never experienced a quality music replay system.


That’s a fact.

Many cheap surround systems are available, but with poor sound quality, and the high quality ones, are 5 times more expensive than a 2 channel system of the same quality. 2 speakers, or 11 speakers, the maths here are quite simple…

It’s an expensive hobby, and at the same time only a few can afford to enjoy a dedicated room for immersive setup, in a big enough house.

Facts of life… :wink:

Anyway, 2020 is coming with tidal & Amazon streaming atmos, and qobuz streaming multichannel audio. Better days are coming for all music lovers, and roon, the best of the best music center, should be able to play all these audio formats, starting with Sony’s 360° format and dolby atmos, which are already available from Tidal, and roon is supposed to be the best way to enjoy Tidal, or not? :innocent:


In your opinion, maybe?
But not mine.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Seriously?

Dude… You can’t upmix what isn’t there.


Yes i can! :laughing:

Dr Floyd Toole can also upmix, and he also is in favour of immersive sound and upmixing by auro 3d. Just another “opinion”? :crazy_face:

Go get yourself a Trinnov altitude processor to find out.:star_struck: :money_mouth_face:

Anyway, this is not a debate and i don’t really want to persuade you about anything. Keep your opinions, and your vintage 2-channel setup, who cares. I suppose you are waiting for stereophile to present multichannel immersive audio setups and equipment in 2020 (as stated) to be persuaded, who knows…:money_mouth_face:

I just want roon to be able to provide Tidal’s immersive sound formats. Everything else is irrelevant. :wink:

Tidal went immersive.

Roon has to go immersive too. :heart_eyes:

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You can interpolate, apply reflection effect simulations, do all wave conversion you want, but you can’t generate what has never been there to begin with.

Just to be clear: I’m not talking about native atmos recordings.

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Me too. I looked into this and it seems device support is Galaxy S10+. Not sure I understand the use case for Dolby Atmos on an Android phone, but what do I know?

More interesting, IMO, is the Sony 360 Reality Audio (also on TIDAL) which is optimized for headphone usage.

Even their app looks interesting to be able to optimize the effects for your headphones and even the shape of your ears (from what I can tell, anyway - who knows how well that works). I am going to try this out with my office listening rig.

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I agree with you. I also have a system with Trinnov 32 and 13 speakers and two sub


I have a Trinnov Altitude 16 and am a Tidal user. When will ATMOS content be supported on the Trinnov?


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I have the Microsoft Dolby Atmos headphone app on my Dell XPS 15 laptop. I am just now listening to some Dolby Atmos recordings on Tidal and it does sound very good. This is playing directly from my laptop with the onboard sound system to wired Sony headphones.

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Can anyone tell me how to find/select Dolby Atmos content in Tidal using the Roon app?