Dolby Atmos on Qobuz

I recently wrote to Qobuz to ask about this, and they replied, 'The tech team is still working on a possible integration of Dolby Atmos in our system.

‘So far there are not the resources and possibilities to add it, but we are planning to do so in the future.’

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In the same way they have been working on a.gapless connect feature for several years.

Indeed. I find myself listening more and more to Amazon Music. If it weren’t for the integration of Qobuz in Roon, so that I can use the multi-room casting, I would probably let Qobuz go. Unfortunately, Amazon won’t cast to my Naim speakers.

There seems to be caveats with any streaming service, Apple and Amazon have created their own eco system, Spotify seems the most feature rich but is lossy and I won’t use them out of principal.
I use Qobuz as a backup to my own collection, I buy music I like now from Bandcamp and actually rarely need to use it.