Don't judge a book by its cover

How many times have you bought an album just because it had a nice cover? Or didn’t buy it because it had a horrible cover?

I do it often. Sometimes cover and musical content go hand in hand, sometimes not.

Last in chronological order?
Jazzmeia Horn - A social call. Nice cover but I don’t like the album too much.

For many years, however, i left the album “Look What the Cat Dragged In” (Poison) on the shelf of the store just for the ugly cover.


What are yours?

These things are always VERY subjective. Unlike you, I absolutely love Jazzmeia Horn (musically speaking), but find the album cover pretty unoriginal…


Luckily, we have Spotify and the likes now (even a free account, if you prefer). So you can always listen to an album before buying it. Actually, pretty much like the old days when good record stores still existed and you could spend all day browsing their collection, ending up listening through headphones in a quite corner before spending your budget and taking home just a small selection of what you’d like to buy. Oh, where has the romance gone… says grandad :wink:

But you must admit my taste is impeccable…



Tool - Lateralus

I had never listened to this group before. I flipped through the incredible cover in the store and it was love at first sight.


Also beautiful “10.000 Days” with the 3D glasses for the cover / booklet