Don't listen live radio - Only RTL 104.3

I have a problem when a listen Live Radio (RTL 104,3 FR).
When I select Radio RTL with Roon I can’t listen live radio only with 3 or 4 hours late.
With the other selection of Radio I listen correctly at time the radio program (not with 3 hours late).
I stay free to test and to answer at your questions.
thanks for your help.

Hello @Henri_Balcarek , you’ve encountered a bug in Roon. Some chunked HLS streams contain chunks from some time back - this site is one of them and Roon does not pick the correct chunk. The Roon Devs know about this issue.

In the meantime, I have found an alternative stream - try now.

Hello BrianW,
Thanks a lot for your answer.
What kind of alternative stream you found ?
Can you tell me more ?

It’s a straightforward mp3. Just play the station - it’s been updated.

ok, I’ll try.
have a nice day.

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