Don't show my library

There is a toggle switch to “only show my library” but would also be useful to “Don’t show my library” at all when searching. I don’t like my local library being merged with streaming services when searching. I know what is in my library and would go directly to it.

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You can do this now!
From Album view choose Focus>Inspector>Storage locations.
When you click the Storage location it presents a choose filter tag. If you click that green tag again it becomes an exclude (red) filter. It will show everything NOT in that storage location.

That removes my local content from the library. Not what I want. I’d like my content to be visible in my library but not in search results. A simple toggle “Don’t show my Library” in the search results would be perfect

This functionaly would be nice.

But, on a side note, that lead me to find the option to remove/hide qobuz and tidal content from my library.


Would be nice if the roon app on android phone had as many options/features as the tablet app.

At present my daughters £50 tablet is a more functional app/remote than my £750 smartphone

Phone versions were always an added convenience for Roon.

Just a tiny bit cumbersome. Not?

I would second the request to exclude EITHER / OR streaming service and library from searching